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How Can GBT Help You?

Global Biohazard Technologies is committed to assisting biocontainment facility owners in assuring their facilities are built in accordance with all applicable guidelines and regulations, and are operated in a manner consistent with the high quality that is expected of such facilities.

Biocontainment & Biosafety

Global Biohazard Technologies is a full service biocontainment and biosafety consulting company staffed by biosafety professionals.  GBT is committed to providing state of the art biosafety consultation to institutions and companies that are concerned about the biocontainment issues they face with regard to design, construction, and operation of biocontainment facilities.

Our Qualifications

Global Biohazard Technologies personnel have extensive experience in the industrial and institutional management of biohazardous materials.  They have developed and implemented industrial and institutional biohazard control programs encompassing personnel training programs, screening and vaccination programs, and computer tracking of potential biohazards. 

They have assisted in the design, construction, certification and validation of numerous research and production facilities for the containment of biohazardous materials.    Global Biohazard Technologies personnel have served on several government and many industry committees brought together to address the handling of potentially biohazardous materials.  These include:  the EPA Committee for the revision of the "Guide for Infectious Waste Management"; the CDC Committee for the revision of the agent summary statement for HIV-1 (AIDS virus); the WHO biosafety training guidelines; and the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards subcommittee for the development of a standard for the "Protection of Laboratory Workers from Infectious Disease Transmitted by Blood, Body Fluids, and Tissue".